De Elixir.

What is a Soul? How does it, the Soul, govern what you do and just how you do it? Is it possible to move ahead along your Spiritual Path and fulfill your Life's Purpose when there is an energetic piece missing out of your Soul?

Rapid and sweet response to the issue posed above is, yes. Yes it is possible to move ahead and fulfill your Life's Purpose without retrieving or restoring the missing piece of your Soul.

Before going any more, let me address the issue of "What is a Soul". Within my method of understanding, a Soul is the fact that a part of you which is encompassing. Meaning it's everything, it is all things great and small. It's all-seeing and all-knowing. Additional methods for describing a Soul, your Soul, is a pure and perfect channel of sunshine and love that which is caused by Divine Source.

It is the most sacred of elements or energies that induce the power within the deepest areas of your inner-Self radiating unconditional love and lightweight essence of this which reflects your Higher Self. A Soul may be the vessel of that is Sacred within your physical entity and that that is Spiritual Energy in its purest form.

Your Soul holds or perhaps is the keeper of Esoteric Knowledge and Wisdom, the Strategies of the years. Whenever you chose to incarnate or re-incarnate into physical form, you brought along with you all you would ever need. When a Soul Entity descends from the Realm of Spirit into dense physical form, the energy imprint of the Soul Entity goes through what is known as the Veil of Forgetfulness.

Passing through this veil creates many challenges once life in physical form manifests or becomes tangible. For many LightWorkers and Spiritual-Seekers, it often feels as if there's something missing. That something is frequently a part of your Soul.

spirit soul and body

In reality your Soul is definitely intact. It is not fragmented or damaged in any way. What exactly shall we be held attempting to reveal to you? The a thing that feels as though it's missing, is remembering the energy imprint of the whole because it is intended, whole and complete perfection.

Think about it for a minute you've shared your lifetime with someone you really liked dearly. It could be a sister, brother, parents, a closest friend or a Soul Mate. If you have given your heart, your whole heart to someone which person is no longer with you or perhaps a a part of your life you do not simply forget. The energy imprint, the experiences remain along with you always. True memory fades with time and the pain of loss does ease with healing.

Should you be honest with yourself for one moment, would you not agree the loss, the sensation that something is just not the same is always with you? You've memories of being completed, at peace and experiencing joy and happiness.

Now imagine as it were that your Soul experiences the standard memory. It longs for that piece of itself, a phantom energy that can there be but it is not there. It is as if it, your Soul, is always trying to find the something more, the missing connect to your True Self in all its glory.

Where shall we be going with this? That some thing the piece of your Core Essence may have somehow become separated at birth, during your dissention from the Arena of Spirit into physical form. It is also possible that an event at the start of this life resulted in creating a ripple in your Soul's energy imprint leaving a sense of something being out of place or stopping you moving forward from all you are intended to be.

The good news is, it is a lot more than easy to retrieve that part of you that's preventing you from moving forward with your life, clearing the deep-seated issues of trust, faith, being loved and accepted, releasing energy blockages that create pain and sorrow.